Who is Miso?

Who is Miso?

My name is Sonia and I am Miso’s mom. Welcome to the Adventure! We have traveled the world together, so why not get to know us!

I am a 30 something year old professional with a major need for adventure. I am a microbiologist and epidemiologist. I have traveled to about 23 countries and all seven continents. I have done some sort of hike on each continent and have done a solo trip on each continent. I have done all this while working more than full-time.

Miso is a little stuffed animal pig that comes with me on all my adventures since 2017. He loves to meow, make new friends, and give a good side eye. He is always trying to get me to plan our next adventure. He loves animals and wants to see all the penguins of the world.

I started taking Miso with me as a way to take pictures at famous sites while traveling. I feel that I am awkward in them, so this was a fun way to see the world. We have pictures from the Sydney Opera house to the Eiffel Tower. We have taken seen the penguins on 4 continents, seen elephants roaming free, and almost got chlamydia from a koala. 

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