World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund

            For the last 6 years, Miso and I have been a big advocate of traveling with purpose and giving back to the communities that we have traveled too. Creating memories and listening to other people’s stories has shaped how we travel. Exploring nature and witnessing animals in their natural habitat has been a privilege that may look a little different in the next 100 years.

            Miso and I have decided to give 10% of all out net proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This foundation believes that every organism has a right to live and be protected. For the last 60 years, they have had the goal to make sure this planet can live in harmony among humans and its natural counterparts.

            With six aspiring goals, the World Wildlife Fund focuses their efforts on the planet’s climate, food, forest, freshwater, oceans, and wildlife. They work with governments, large corporations, and small communities. Their work has increased the tiger population and created efforts to protect rhinos from poachers. With the WWF’s support, they have united countries to protect wetlands and the wildlife that come with those lands.

            After having gone to all 7 continents in 5 years, we have discovered that nature, wildlife, and history are aspects of each adventure we go on. Whether it be kayaking with the Galapagos penguins or watching a three-week-old elephant learning to use it’s trunk, all animals deserve a chance to live in peace. Learning a countries history and culture changes a person in a way that cannot be described. I urge you to open your eyes to the world and give back to the community that you live to help protect it for future generations.

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